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About Replacing VMware

Broadcom’s acquisition of VMware has generated uncertainty among customers, fueled by concerns of potentially higher prices and reduced innovation, a pattern observed in Broadcom’s previous acquisitions. There is apprehension that VMware customers may be compelled to purchase comprehensive product suites rather than individual services, potentially impacting cost and flexibility.

Speak with a Specialist to find how you will be impacted by VMware’s new pricing, and options to replatform and/or replace VMware.

Know your options: Speak with A specialist

Explore your options for alternate cloud architectures and VMware replacement with unbiased specialists as your guide.
  • Cost Savings: Alternative platforms may offer more competitive pricing models.
  • Avoid “Vendor Lock-In”: Take advantage of cloud architecture designed to avoid vendor lock-in for quick response to market changes.
  • Improved Performance: Depending on the workload, different platforms may offer better performance.
  • Access to Advanced Features: Other platforms might offer unique capabilities not available in VMware.
  • Business Alignment: Find flexible solutions and alternative cloud architectures that align with current needs and long-term goals.
  • Replatforming: Move applications and workloads from VMware-based virtual machines to another virtualization environment or cloud platform.

Step 1: VMware Replacement Assessment

Global evaluates your current liscences, cloud architecture, hardware, software, and network configurations, as well as performance and security.  Analysis of current expense and estimated future expense under VMware’s new cost structure.

Step 2: Architecture Selection

Global specialists identify and recommend the most suitable new architectural solutions that cater to your unique organizational requirements and strategic objectives. We take into account scalability, performance, system compatibility, security, and cost-effectiveness of replacing VMware.

Step 3: Migration

Global is committed to ensuring a smooth and efficient migration to your new architecture. Our approach includes a well-planned, phased transfer of workloads, rigorous testing to guarantee system compatibility, security, performance, and comprehensive staff training.

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