Pharmaceutical DataOps

Clinical Trial Orchestration, PESO Management, Digital Infrastructure Management As A Service

Clinical Trial Optimization:
Recruiting & ROI

Clinical Trial Orchestration

Extensive pharmaceutical trial experience has informed a strategic and compliant approach to clinical trial participant recruiting.   Our data driven models optimize the participant funnel from first-click through trial completion.  This results in optimized recruiting channels, higher ROI for marketing dollars, and ultimately participant engagement through trial completion.

Data Science Infrastructure

Cloud: Cost Control & Standardized Environment

Data science has gone mainstream, and most enterprises can take advantage of data science services to better understand their business. How do you take full advantage of data science capabilities? Many tools used require specific GPUs or can benefit greatly from horizontal scaling.

An antiquated solution is to give the data science team massive desktops packed with graphics cards, but a modern organization needs to know how to manage these workloads in the cloud – without massive spending. Data Science Infrastructure puts the right guardrails around the data science team while allowing them to do their work with the tools they need.

PESO: Media Strategy, Planning, & Execution

Digital Advertising In Pharma

PESO media strategy, planning, and execution refers to a holistic approach to media planning that integrates Paid, Earned, Shared, and Owned media. This type of strategy involves considering all media channels available to a business and creating a plan that leverages them in the most effective way possible.

By using PESO media strategy and end-to-end media planning, businesses can create a cohesive and effective media plan that maximizes the potential of all available channels. This type of approach is particularly effective in today’s digital age, where audiences are fragmented and businesses need to be agile and adaptable to stay ahead of the competition.

By integrating all media channels, businesses can create a comprehensive and effective media plan that maximizes their reach and engagement with their target audience.

Infrastructure Management As A Service

Digital Infrastructure Management As A Service

Most successful cyberattacks are not the result of cleverly coded viruses, but rather by employees accidentally exposing passwords and networks to cyber criminals. In an analogous way, the more companies, agencies, and consultants involved in your technology, marketing, and operations the larger your potential exposure.

Technology Management as a Service standardizes the platforms, security, and privacy posture across your entire digital ecosystem: CRM, Web Hosting, CMS, Analytics Collection, MarTech Platforms, Digital Ads, Social Platforms, Email, Project Managemnet, etc

Our innovative approach simultaneously minimizes your potential risk and eliminates expense from redundant systems and platforms.

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Pharmaceutical & Clinical Trial DataOps

Experience globally supporting dozens of clinical trials over decades drives our Pharma practices’ services and solutions. Our keystone Clinical Trial Orchestration service is the compliance-driven result of thousands of hours of clinical trial marketing and participant recruiting optimization.

Along with Healthcare there has never been a higher likelihood of legal consequences for non-compliance to GDPR and US Data Privacy Laws. One-off internal efforts are offset by contractors, agencies, or agencies’ contractors that can introduce new areas of Data Privacy and Security liability that had not previously been considered.

Our Pharmaceutical Practice integrates data security and privacy compliance with operational support for internal/external teams and clinical trials.

2023 is the year to get ahead of the coming liability curve with a robust security and privacy posture.

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