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We help you clean, normalize, and deduplicate data across platforms and systems to enable a true understanding of customer needs and where revenue opportunities lie. Doing so also ensures you fully comply with current and developing privacy laws and rules while preparing for what’s next in technology.

Fully encrypted data while at rest and in transit also protects you and your customers from breach attempts and other security threats.

We enable confidence for more efficient operations, lower expenses, and growth through the best and the most challenging economic times.

PESO DataOps:
Media Strategy,
& Execution

DataOps Powered Marketing Strategies

DataOps plays an important role in PESO (Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned) marketing in the gaming industry by enabling businesses to collect and analyze data from multiple sources to optimize their marketing strategies. By using automated data pipelines and agile development methodologies, businesses can quickly collect and analyze data from various marketing channels, such as social media, email campaigns, and online advertising. This approach enables businesses to gain valuable insights into their target audience’s preferences and behavior, allowing them to create more personalized and effective marketing campaigns.

The use of advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing is made possible by DataOps, allowing businesses to develop more personalized and efficient marketing campaigns that are highly targeted to their audience. By analyzing data from various marketing channels, businesses can identify the most effective channels and content types for their target audience, allowing them to optimize their marketing budget and improve ROI. This approach also enables businesses to track and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns in real-time, allowing them to make data-driven decisions and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. By leveraging DataOps in PESO marketing, businesses can improve their marketing efficiency, drive player engagement, and increase revenue.

Lead Generation
& Full Funnel Optimization

Devices & International Travel

Our data-centric approach avoids the common mistake of optimizing individual channels in favor of a unified approach to the Customer Journey.

Why? Siloed efforts generally lead to a patchwork customer experience which actually undermines business goals. For example, there isn’t any logic in spending $10MM in paid advertising to drive traffic to a website without optimized lead capture.

It takes an ecosystem of technologies and SMEs to truly optimize marketing ROI. In contrast to the previous example, our fully integrated approach leverages shared data streams to cross pollinate SMEs’ insights between PESO efforts, social, email, on site conversion, and content strategies. From first-click to conversion we optimized the customer journey every step of the way.

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DataOps for Interactive Game Development

DataOps plays a crucial role in the gaming industry by enabling businesses to optimize their development processes, improve game performance, and enhance player experiences. By using agile development methodologies and automated data pipelines, businesses can quickly iterate on game designs and optimize game performance based on real-time data. This approach enables businesses to gain valuable insights into player behavior and preferences, enabling them to develop more engaging and immersive games that meet the evolving needs of their audiences.

DataOps facilitates the use of advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing to create personalized player experiences. By incorporating data analytics into game development, businesses can gain insights into player behavior, preferences, and feedback, allowing them to optimize game design, mechanics, and user interface. By leveraging DataOps in game development, businesses can create innovative and engaging games that provide players with highly personalized experiences, driving player retention and enhancing business revenue.

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