Data Security, Architecture & Governance

DevOps/DevSecOps, Multi/Hybrid Cloud Architecture, Network Security, Cybersecurity

Secure Data Architecture & Governance

In establishing secure data architecture and governance, two key considerations are ensuring compliance with data privacy laws and implementing robust data access controls. Additionally, it’s crucial to encrypt data, manage its lifecycle effectively, and conduct regular audits and monitoring to detect and prevent security breaches.

Multi/Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Cloud optimization and architecture at scale for speed and cost control. Use native cloud services in your application the right way Containerize your application in Kubernetes Convert your application to microservices Take full advantage of cloud services Application security review Lower infrastructure costs

The Global Team has certifications and experience in AWS, Azure, GCP, VMWare, and others to meet IT and digital infrastructure requirements with agility and cost efficiency.

DevOps / DevSecOps

Modern DevOps goes beyond turning on cloud resources – security has to be at the core of everything you do in the cloud. To stay relevant, today’s enterprises have to provide secure, durable cloud based services – but how do you know you are fully secure? Security coverage starts at your own code and moves up through cloud architecture, server maintenance, and monitoring of zero day exploits. Our team can help you navigate the changing cloud security landscape.

Business Intelligence and CDPs

Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), and DataOps are all closely related and interconnected concepts. BI is a process of transforming data into insights, while CDPs are specialized tools that help businesses collect and integrate customer data from various sources. DataOps, on the other hand, is a methodology that aims to streamline the entire data lifecycle, from acquisition to analysis and deployment.

Together, these concepts form a powerful ecosystem that enables businesses to collect, analyze, and deploy data-driven insights at scale.

VM & Data Center Migration

Our MigrationOps practice is a one-stop Migration Factory for V2V, P2P, P2V, and Forklift migration solutions.

Our proprietary Predictive Analytics Engine (PAE) leverages experience from over a million previous migrations to successfully move machines on the first migration attempt 99.9% of the time.

Our all-domestic team has experience working in regulated industries including healthcare, pharma, FinTech, and can carry government clearance.

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